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𝕳𝕶𝕶𝕻𝕿𝕽 – six letters which mark the alias of an artist whose musical abilities are only matched by the typographic horror his name triggers in most copywriters.

𝕶𝕶𝕻𝕿𝕽 (or hkkptr) is one of the rather fresh flowers blooming on the fields of electronic music these days. Hailing from Leipzig, one of the epicenters of modern club culture in East Germany, 𝕳𝕶𝕶𝕻𝕿𝕽 stands in a line with a new generation of DJs and producers, serving their audiences Techno in its rawest, most unrelenting form. With his musical roots in Black Metal and Hardcore, 𝕳𝕶𝕶𝕻𝕿𝕽 found his early access to electronic music through Gabber and Schranz before his first visit at Leipzig’s infamous Institut für Zukunft opened his eyes and ears for the vast world of Techno.

Ever since, be it through his tough performances in the DJ booth or his intriguing works in the studio, 𝕳𝕶𝕶𝕻𝕿𝕽 has constantly been showing his undeniable predilection and talent for the 
darker and more energetic sides of electronic club music. He might not let himself be put in a certain stylistic box, be it Techno, EBM or Industrial, but rest assured – you’ll get your fair share of all of them.




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