01.01.2017 – 00:00:00


Peter Invasion – The Leipzig-based DJ and producer is one of the seminal figures behind both the scenes and decks in the burgeoning East German city. Alongside his brilliant label Riotvan, Peter Invasion is resident DJ at Leipzig-based club Institut fuer Zukunft.

To describe him shortly: DJ and promoter, booking agent and label owner, curator and catalyser, established Riotvan single-handed in 2006. Starting as series of events, growing up to one of most exciting record labels out there. Maybe you know him already as drummer of his former Synth-Pop band Here Is Why or his new music project together with his long time friend Gregor Habicht, where he released music on labels like Riotvan,  Correspondant or Live At Robert Johnson. 

Peter was playing as DJ in several clubs and parties like Berghain Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Blitz, Burning Man, Mayan Warrior, EDC Festival CDMX, Printworks London, Mutabor Moscow, Sunday Sunday Mexico-City or in cities like New York, Copenhagen, Guadalajara, Tulum, Novosibirsk, Vilnius, Stockholm to name but a few…

This guy is off to explore the world. We may be wound up to a high pitch!

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