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Born in East Germany, XVII, real name Franz Thiem, has been involved in several DIY underground scenes for the last 15 years. Playing the drums for over 20 years and coming from a post-hardcore/ sludge as well as an antifascist background he is one of the founding members and day time managers of the Leipzig, Germany based forward thinking techno club Institut fuer Zukunft.
He co-runs the RnB and queer live rap focused night LEVEL • レベル and is one of the co-founders of Balance Club / Culture Festival, focusing on cutting edge as well as popular electronic music.

In his own productions one can hear a sublime melancholic vibe through the heavy basslines while his interest in rhythmic diverse music and industrial sound aesthetics is still recognizable.
XVIIs DJ sets can be eclectric, but he still manages to keep the dancefloor burning with a cut up mix of Ballroom and Jersey orientated traxx, sharp noises from the internet and sweet forgiving melodies.

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