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6 pm
Designs von:
Rosalea Kelm & Kara XT



This fashion collection was made to show the versatility of the Little Black Dress. There are three design aspects implemented and processed: First, the classic designs, such as shift dresses or Pencilskirts topped off with elaborate sleeve styles and elegant collars manufactured from the highest quality fabrics, like crepe silk, wool and mohair. Second, there are designs you would find in the avantgard movements of fashion, with deconstructionist approaches, boxy shapes and asymmetric forms made with high tech fabrics, like neoprene but also transparent fabrics like silk organza. Thirdly, the overstated idea of massmarket fashion is being used, since it deems to be reversed minimalism, with less thought-through designs, overdecorated with embellishments or prints and inexpensively manufactured with inexpensive fabrics. The inspiration of this designaspect was sportswear asthetics or camouflage prints made with stretch-jersey or mesh fabric. The Little Black Dress was meant to be versatile and so is this fashion collection. It’s mostly sleek and minimalistic but meant for everybody.





The collection was inspired by the picture of the Virgin Mary. It is a play on its archetypical depiction and symbols – transformed into a modern sportswear aesthetic for both men and women. One chosen Madonna picture is the basis for the collection‘s silhouette, color scheme and prints. The Madonna iconography is deconstructed and altered into prints and stitching. The stitching and the padded clothes are a feature of the Virgin Mary‘s shelter giving. The collection‘s pieces provide a warm and comfortable fit, just like a mother‘s embrace. Every single outfit holds a picture of the Madonna in one way or the other. Whether as a print, stitching or application – shelter & strength for the sinner is given.

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