01.01.2017 – 00:00:00



6 pm
Maya Baklanova Tight/ XIТЬ, Ukraine
Mariana Berezovksa Borshch Magazine, Ukraine/Germany

In a joined discussion, two cultural producers from Ukraine will discuss current perspectives from Ukraine. The talks are focused on our international networks and make space for perspectives from Ukrainian cultural producers and their views on the current situation as well as the question, what (club)culture networks internationally should provide. 


Maya Baklanova (Tight/ XIТЬ, Ukraine) will talk about “The case of colonialism: Personal takes on the history of russian colonialism and oppression”, including influences of russian colonialism on Ukrainian culture and the consequences of russian oppression. She will talk about the Revolution of Dignity and the impact of the revolution on the Ukrainian creative scene as well as Ukrainian cultural resistance and how the war affects the Ukrainian culture and music scene. Furthermore, she will discuss the need for collective responsibility and what this could mean for cultural producers and consumers.

Maya Baklanova is an active player in the Ukrainian music scene. She is a communication

manager, co-founder of a magazine about music Tight, and former curator of Cxema. With her extensive knowledge in local music, arts and history she will explain why we must decolonize Ukrainian culture, prevent gaslighting of Ukrainian people, and spread awareness about Ukraine’s centuries-lasting fight for freedom.

Her input will be followed by the talk “Listen more. Patronize less” by Mariana Berezovksa (Borshch Magazine, Ukraine/Germany), a Ukrainian Berlin-based writer, editor and co-founder of Borshch magazine. Mariana will elaborate what can be learned from the experience of people in crisis and will discuss the necessity of creating and holding space when people in a state of urgency share their experiences and how this is affected by privilege and social advantage. This includes that people in need should not be patronized but given space – and how this approach is reflected in cultural spaces, curation, festivals and club nights.

Mariana has been writing about music and culture for the publications like Resident Advisor, Year Zero, Tight, Judas, among others. Mariana’s writing focuses on stories from the world of electronic music that stretch beyond music production and dancefloor and touch upon broader socio-cultural issues such as cultural appropriation, social inequality and privilege, sexuality, sexism, and racism.

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