01.01.2017 – 00:00:00



4 pm

@Sportetage Süd (not IFZ) 

Jenny Granado aka Kebra is back! We are really happy that the multidisciplinary artist from Brazil will be back in Leipzig for another workshop. When she was part of Balance Festival in 2019, her workshop and the following performance were the hot gossip on the streets afterwards. Make sure to not miss it now, as we invite you again to participate in this physical workshop on the edge of decoloniality, postpornography and transfeminism.

Open to all gender – please let us know if you need any assistance.



Jenny Granado (Brazil), multidisciplinary artist graduated in Visual Arts by the Santa Catarina UDESC State University, is a performer, dancer and DJ. As a DJ, under the pseudonym KEBRA, she has been developing her own style mixing layers of accelerated baile funk rhythms with the solidity of a wide range of influences from electronic music created by artists from the latinx diaspora. Her line of work is a continuous experimentation from the end of this colonialist world to and through visions that transcend the fictional barriers of the patriarchy. Since 2015 she has been focusing her work in the Desculonización , a project and practice ideated by herself on that same year. 

Desculonización is an international platform active since 2015. Its baseline concepts are

decoloniality, postpornography and transfeminism. As it operates through the body with ephemerous acts of dance, voice, gestures and energy; it achieves a synergy of physical stimulation between bodies that entails a new corporal cosmogony and invites to connect with the sensorial plane. Without regarding race, beliefs, social class, sexual orientation or political tendencies, it has been a meeting point between kids, young people, adults and senior profiles at international level, highlighting the strengthening of latin communities. With six years experience and recognitions up to date, there have been events, performances and educational workshops both in class and online in eleven countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany). Desculonización invites us to inhabit the corporal geography to defend the body as a territory, from any place in the world.

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