01.01.2017 – 00:00:00

28.05. IfZ x ANTI-MASS (PANEL)


6 pm
Turkana (DJ, music producer & part of ANTI-MASS collective – Kampala, Uganda) Authentically Plastic (DJ & part of ANTI-MASS collective – Kampala, Uganda)
Two Dots (DJ, music producer & part of Kiebitz – Leipzig, Germany)
& others.

Moderation: Elsa – TCHOIN (DJ, part of Kiebitz – Leipzig Germany)

Gathering and dancing in any part of the world, clubbing is a pure form of transgression of societal structures we live in.
But who has access to clubbing? Who can safely present themselves in a club, a festival, or any night life space for that matter?
Living in a racist and queerphobic world, the need for safer spaces is high. What conditions are necessary to create such spaces? How do we advertise them? How does racism and queerphobia translate into your local nightlife? How do club culture’s challenges compare in Uganda and in Germany, especially in Kampala and Leipzig? What kind of structural changes would the nightlife scene need to undertake?
By pulling those threads, we hope to find some elements of an answer on how to create safer spaces for BIPOC and queer people everywhere.
You have to know the past to predict the future – time elapsed since your first visit on ifz.me