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Carlotta Jacobi (she/her) is a Leipzig based techno DJ and producer raised between Hamburg and Stockholm. She is a member of Connwax Records and holds a residency at the renowned Institut für Zukunft. As a DJ she is known for her spaced out high energy techno sets, focussing on boomy pulsating kicks, complex drones and trippy textures. In her work as a producer, Carlotta Jacobi combines her passion for dance floor oriented techno with audiovisual synesthetic impulses, which she translates into her distinct sound. This approach has secured her several releases in the past and at present. Apart from her club related work Carlotta Jacobi has composed soundtracks for film, theatre and podcasts. As an integral part of her work, she advocates gender-balance and diversity in the field of electronic music, both practically and in research.

Discography/ BC: 

Carlotta Jacobi – Possible Futures
7 I X (Institut fuer Zukunft)

Carlotta Jacobi / Lilly – Endurance
VAK02 (vak.leipzig)

Carlotta Jacobi – Meander
Togetherness (HUMAN)

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