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Institut fuer Zukunft is a forward-thinking club for electronic music since 2014.

Electronic dance music finds its origins in marginalized and discriminated communities – thus we want to keep the tradition alive and create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and safe. With our concept Safer Clubbing, we focus on awareness and education of club-goers to make this possible.

Safer Clubbing stands for a free, self-determined, safe, and good time in our venue. Although illegal drugs are not allowed in Institut fuer Zukunft, we advocate education on common substances in order to minimize risks and enable awareness and conscious harm reduction.

Safer Clubbing also stands for a space of sexual self-determination and expression based on the concept of mutual consent. We offer safer sex material for free and if our darkroom is open, you will always find our staff at the darkroom entrance to help you in any case you feel uncomfortable.

With Safer Clubbing we have been determined from the very start to fight sexism and sexual violence, racism, misogyny, trans*-, inter*- and homophobia and raise awareness about these forms of discrimination that are present in our everyday lives.

In order to  support marginalized or under-represented persons and artists, Institut fuer Zukunft prioritizes identity diverse line-ups. In this way we want to play our role in promoting change in the male-dominated music industry and support those affected by structural discrimination.

Safer Clubbing only works with the help of you club-goers. Call it out if you see someone in a discomforting situation and please notify our staff immediately. Only in this way are we able to intervene and make Institut fuer Zukunft a welcoming place for everyone.

Please respect our No Photo Policy to keep the privacy of our guests and venue.

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