01.01.2017 – 00:00:00


I was 20 years old when I was first properly introduced to electronic music. My musical background only consisted of having played “professionally” the recorder flute during my childhood, but not much apart from that. I even recorded a few tapes back then, but mostly to satisfy my technical curiosity. As soon as I was old enough though, I started traveling to nearby nightclubs and parties in larger cities with my friends. While others preferred dancing to Monica Kruse, I found myself more and more drawn towards the Schranz-floor. Although back then I hadn’t yet entirely grasped the importance that techno music would play for me in the future. At 24 I got hooked on Homo Elektrik, a party-collective from Leipzig, and my then girlfriend animated me to try out dj-ing. I bought myself two Technics mk2, that I still own today, got gifted a Gemini technomaster, and acquired myself a Vinyl bundle in 4/4 time. Techno music is such a multifaceted music genre, so that I decided to stay faithful to it ever since. I only do Techno, 4 to the floor, it makes me very happy, especially when two different tracks mix and fuse together and start to groove.

p.s. Mixing comes with the trade ;)!

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