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Judith van Waterkant was born in the beautiful baltic sea area and crashed into her fathers vinyl collection in a glas vitrine while dancing along with the record “Life is Life” at the tender age of 3. “Nananananaaa”! Since then she’s not only gained a couple dangerous looking scars, which would be visible if she shaved her head, and gotten prepared to join in with the fights in the streets of Rostock, she’s also kept her deep passion of music with her, always on her mind. At the age of 14, she had a crush on her guitar teacher and has deeply loved music since that time, from every pore of her skin, which became even clearer to her later when she found herself in a massage circle where everybody was humming “Give Peace a Chance” in order to alleviate the difficulties and challenges of puberty. However, no one was supposed to find out about that. “If I die today, I’ll die happy” was her boozy attitude back then. It’s exactly this spirit that the Leipziger-by-choice tries to convey in her so-called Mindset-Sets, in a downbeat-comfortzone between 90-115 BPM on the dance- floors of the world or on the couch at home.

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