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Jonas, who grew up in the far north of Germany, moved to Leipzig after 20 years of wind and rain. There he was quickly inspired by the prevailing sounds of the Institut fuer Zukunft and finally started the Kontinum project in 2016 with a focus on atmospheric and dissociative Techno. Over the years, the palette of sounds grew and now ranges from ambient to deep techno to contemporary club-oriented techno. In 2017, he founded the Nebula collective with a couple of friends and started hosting the first illegal events. In the course of time, Nebula has also found its way into the Leipzig club scene and is now an integral part of it. Since 2021, he has had the privilege of being a resident at Institut fuer Zukunft. Over the years, Jonas has continued to develop and perfect his own sound and has had the chance to release on labels such as The Gods Planet, Lowless and Oslated.

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