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Leipzig born NEELE was influenced by Punk and Hardcore at a young age while joining the wild bunch of the infamous Conne Island crew in Connewitz. Soon after she discovered her interests in a more wide field of underground club music, becoming a booker at Conne Island and grow to one of Leipzigs most versatile DJs.

Nowadays she holds a residency at the well-renowned Institut für Zukunft, while she is also being a political activist and a key figure in Leipzigs feminist scene as a founding member of the G-EDIT crew.

As a DJ she doesn’t fear any genre-borders, while never losing control or falling into triviality. Instead she has an energetic bass-driven and UK inspired trademark sound, ranging from House, Techno and Acid to Electro, which gives Neele the ability to heat up just any dancefloor in every moment of a clubnight.


BOOKING: consti(at)sweatlodgeagency(dot)com


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