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No fuss about it – but rough. When Leipzig was still a house instead of techno stronghold almost ten years ago and it wasn’t easy to find locations with two floors, subʞutan came to the Saxon city as a born Erfurt citizen. And the Leipzig native by choice has no doubt managed to leave his mark.  

With three chums the Vertigo party series was quickly born, a sexpositive event that made techno more visible in Leipzig, at the same time setting new standards in the scene. It still exists in Leipzig’s most renowned club to this day: A party series “where even the offside has its place”.

From the same circle and the same mentality, precisely this well-known club was born: the Institut für Zukunft. subʞutan was heavily involved in its conception, was part of the booking crew in the turbulent early days and has been a resident ever since.
Although musically rooted in Industrial, Noise and Punk, he has been able to drive the Techno revolution in Leipzig from the very beginning, characterized by dark, dystopian and mostly – but not necessarily – rhythmic sounds.

“I can hate the whole world, but I could just as well be happy doing it.” – this is how the artist describes his relationship to the dark side of electronic music. A Berlin booking crew, who planned to have subʞutan play in their outdoor area, probably interpreted his music more according to the first model and according to the tale as follows: “If we have him play, we must reckon with dead birds falling from the sky.”

At the end of 2019, the public experienced subʞutan’s first live shows with Leshrac under the name artPara, as well as his first releases, for example on the Leipzig label Hypress and on a Rojava solidarity sampler of the Zurich label Kashev Tapes.

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