01.01.2017 – 00:00:00


Fast, relentless and genre-bending. This all sounds like BPM Attack, your favourite event for trance, gabber, tekk and everything above 140 BPM. Hosted by Aurora Polaris, DJ Ferrari, Ostbam and Trashabelle, BPM Attack is one of Institut für Zukunft’s internal party series highlighting faster genres. Trance might seem to be BPM Attack’s specialty, but there is plenty of room for less popular styles to make their case as well. Besides the headliners such as Viscerale, Tonni3000 and Funk Tribu, the curators behind this series try to involve as many local and under-the-radar talents as possible. They might even surprise you with a punk rock floor from time to time. Punks and ravers united!

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