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Be ready to bounce off with one of the fiercest party crews in town – the aptly named ‘DRIVE’ series, launched in 2019, has been an unstopable race car ever since. Playing upbeat bouncy house to dubby techno in the 120 to 145 bpm range, these women know how to bring a party to life with their infectious energy. Featuring an impressive lineup of DJs so far including Dr. Rubinstein, Lux, Lokier, Marie Lung, Marie Montexier, Mor Elian, Sedef Adasi, THC, Willow and collabs with Young Shields, Strictly Strictly and ://about blank, ‘DRIVE’ knows how to curate the perfect event. To keep the spirits high, you’d usually find fun specials like fantifa nail art, cute performances, Carrera motor race or karaoke sessions throughout the night. Designs by talented Anja Lekavski and mind-bending renderings by Saou TV complete DRIVEs visual identity.

It’s all about the vibe!

DRIVE – hosted by
Anna Malysz
karete bu

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