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Vertigo wants to be a shared moment in which your fantasies and fetishes have their place. The most important rule is that this party should be fun for everyone. Everything else is derived from this. Always respect the boundaries of others while having fun.

What about dress code? –
At Vertigo, no particular item of clothing will secure you admission – the whole package has to be right. And that is best laced with imagination and perhaps a touch of extravagance. We welcome anything that deviates from normal everyday clothing. Dress to undress! So take off your clothes if they bother you. If, on the other hand, naked skin bothers you, then maybe Vertigo is not the right event for you.

Darkroom –
Our Darkroom is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations: Everyone can come together here. As the name suggests, it’s dark, so body language can only be interpreted to a limited extent here. So talking is golden – consent is given verbally. Outside the darkroom there is also more detailed information material and safer sex paraphernalia. If you are being harassed, feel uncomfortable or have experienced an assault, please contact the person sitting outside the darkroom or the IfZ staff. They will help you.

Redroom –
If the darkroom is too dark for you and you would rather see who you are having fun with on one of the couches, or if you just want to relax a bit, you will definitely like our redroom on TRAKT III.

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